About Jayman

  1. 1980: Jayman Homes Calgary

    Jayman Homes successfully launches within a declining market by introducing innovative, affordable designs and products not available in the new housing market.

  2. 1983: Jayman Homes Edmonton

    Jayman takes its unique brand of customer inspired products to the Edmonton market.

    1983: Wen-Di Interiors

    Wen-Di Interiors, an interior decorating and showhome merchandising company is formed to decorate Jayman showhomes and to assist customers with their interior selections and personalization.

  3. 1984: Distinct Designs

    Breaking the cookie cutter mold, Jayman introduces distinctive design elements such as angled walls, vaulted ceilings and brass inlays, allowing the customer to showcase their own style regardless of budget.

  4. 1985: Jayman Realty

    Jayman Realty is created to assist prospective new home buyers free up equity in their existing homes and avoid moving twice with planned possession schedules.

  5. 1998: FAST Management

    Among the first homebuilders to utilize technology effectively, Jayman’s FAST Management tool streamlined the estimating, purchasing and scheduling processes, thereby lowering costs for customers. It also enhanced the homebuying experience allowing customers to monitor the status of their home build.

    1998: Jayman University

    While technological advances are amazing, a company is only as good as the people in it. Jayman University would bring an unparalleled level of consistent education to the Jayman team and therefore to our buyers.

  6. 2000: Smart 2000 Home

    Jayman’s commitment to building a better home is unprecedented and so it only made sense to team up with the team at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) to push the envelope in home design. The design, build and testing of the smart 2000 home made it possible for the integration of many technologies in the homebuilding process into standard production models.

    2000: Jayman Financial

    Jayman Financial is launched to provide personal mortgage solutions while utilizing our strong buying power to assist you in receiving the best financing choice possible.

  7. 2001: Innovations by Jayman

    Innovations by Jayman was launched to provide entry level homes that maximized both style as well as substance. The technology and techniques developed over years has allowed Innovations to build a quality product on a budget without sacrificing the aspects that make your home unique.

  8. 2002: styleMagic Centre

    Bringing all of our suppliers into one convenient location Jayman creates the styleMagic Centre. This massive complex contains an incredible variety of appliances, flooring, fixtures and more, all in one convenient location.

  9. 2003: Built Green

    As a strong advocate of energy efficiency and environmental awareness Jayman Homes spearheaded the concept of Built Green in Alberta. Promoting and researching an environmentally friendly approach to home building, this program focuses on market education, builder training, energy efficient practices, lowered environmental impact and improved air quality. Jayman Homes has been an active member since its inception and all of our homes are built to meet or exceed Built Green standards.

    2003: BuildPro

    Another technological leap forward Jayman’s BuildPro program made it possible to digitally manage suppliers and trades. This results in a more efficient process, lowering costs for consumers and ensuring even tighter construction schedules.

  10. 2004: Aspire Condo Living

    In response to consumer requests Jayman launches its multi-family division, Aspire Condo Living. With Aspire you can still take advantage of all of the technology, process and buying power behind a Jayman home in a maintenance free lifestyle.

  11. 2005: MasterTrak

    The culmination of FAST management, BuildPro and SupplyPro all in one comprehensive system. Resulting in lowered costs, guaranteed construction dates, fixed start dates and limitless project management aspects, MasterTrak is the evolution of building efficiency and a masterpiece almost a decade in the making.

    2005: Online Pricing

    With the launch of this iteration of the website Jayman brings the home shopping experience into your home. Online pricing with limitless options enables you to be the most informed homebuyer possible even before entering the sales centre.

    2005: Quantum Performance

    Jayman’s evolution of the Built Green initiative comes in the form of Quantum Performance. Quantum’s performance utilizes the latest in technology and cutting edge research to increase energy efficiency and improve air quality. The end result is a healthier home that saves a substantial amount of cost on energy bills while lowering greenhouse gas emission.

  12. 2008: styleMagic Centre Edmonton

    To bring the convenience of the styleMagic Centre to our entire customer base it was necessary to recreate this environment in the Edmonton market. This facility is also designed to improve the convenience of choosing your finishing details by virtually eliminating the need to visit outside suppliers.

  13. 2010: Comprehensive Online Development

    In the most recent iteration of the Jayman website, you will now find that we have included precise details on all our homes, services and offerings. Just another step to ensure that you can find everything you're looking for during your home shopping experience.

  14. 2011: Online Warranty Program

    Utilizing the latest technologies, Jayman has coordinated all warranty information into a private online portal for each customer. This provides convenience and easy access to the warranty information for each element of your home.

  15. 2014: SmartHome

    Get equipped with the most recent innovations with a SmartHome by Jayman. SmartHomes come with the latest in entertainment and security technologies offering unprecedented security and convenience while utilizing smart phone and ipad controllers.

  16. 2016

    Jayman BUILT consolidates the Innovations and MasterBUILT divisions to offer brand new models, pricing and core performance specification.

In the Community

Contributions to the community, not just in financial support to initiatives like the Calgary Health Trust and the MS Research, but also in-kind contributions to industry through such initiatives as the Carma Centre of Excellence and the Homebuilders Associations are an important part of Jayman activities.

Jayman's History in the Community


Jayman is a company of pioneers, leaders and constant learners who are committed to pursuing the best way forward. This means continually evaluating and redefining the way homes are built, bought and lived in, and aiming for nothing short of excellence from the top down. Fascinated by the "how, what and why" of home building, our leadership team strives to embody the values of our founder, Al Westman, and bring his signature passion, curiosity and drive to work every day.

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Jayman BUILT is one of Western Canada's industry leaders, and Alberta's largest homebuilder. For our customers, this means unparalleled quality and choice. For our staff, this means a work environment filled with opportunity and growth.

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Things we've learned in 35 years

And they love their smart phones. That’s why all of our single family homes are smart homes, so you can control your locks, lights and more with a simple swipe.

Get automated with the Jayman Connected Home System.

By listening to homebuyers and introducing innovative designs and products, Jayman revolutionized the art and science of homebuilding.

And what did you tell us?

Double ensuites are just another of the many ways Jayman makes our homeowner’s lives easier through thoughtful home design.

When Jayman introduced the concept of a “bonus room,” everybody thought we’d lost our minds. But a few years later, the bonus room was on every homebuyers must-have list. Jayman’s always been an innovator—and we don’t let a few weird looks along the way stop us.

In 2002, Jayman created its Design Centre specifically to take the stress and hassle out of the process and make buying a home as fun as it should be.

Now, it’s your one-stop-shop for interior selections.

We realized long ago that sustainability is fundamental to our future. Jayman spearheaded the introduction of BUILT GREEN® in Alberta and registered the first BUILT GREEN® home over a decade ago. Today, we include options in every home to save money, improve health and conserve resources.

Walk the talk with our commitment to sustainability.

And we’re not just talking about building in communities with good amenities and green space. Those things are great, but it’s really about the way we do business, how we manage our environmental impact, how we treat our employees and how we support community initiatives that aim to solve social problems in the communities in which we work and live.

Learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility.

And we want you to be excited about your Jayman purchase! So in 1995, we introduced Jayman Realty. A dedicated team of realtors who work hard to sell your house for the best price, so you can focus on building your new one.

Meet the Jayman Realty team.

Jayman Financial was founded in 2000 to help walk people through the process of home buying and the responsibilities of home ownership—one step at a time.

Meet our team of award winning brokers.

Time and time again, people asked how to achieve the “Jayman look”. So we created our Home Staging service to bring the peerless style and originality of our renowned showhomes to any home, so every homeowner can achieve the Jayman look.

Does your home need a refresh?

We’re proud of our accomplishments. Heck, who doesn’t like to come in first place? But quality, service and customer satisfaction must always come before the accolades. Because plaques and trophies never pay the bills.
As it happens, our commitment to our customers have won us some awards too.

People don’t really want to negotiate on the biggest investment of their life, they just want the best possible value. So at Jayman, we give our best price first. Simple as that. No run-around, no playing hardball and no stress.

Learning is continual, just like this list. Check back later for more lessons we've learned.

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