Jayman Modus

Buying a home is possible!

Ask us about the Jayman Modus Down Payment Savings Program.

The Jayman Modus Down Payment Savings Program is an opportunity to continue saving money towards your down payment while your home is being built. Program suitable for Pre-Sale homes and homes with 6+ month occupancy.

Example: purchase in February 2016 with occupancy October 2016

Purchase Price

$298,914.00 plus GST
$14,945.70 (GST)
$5,380.45 (rebate if applicable)
$308,479.25 total

5% down $15,423.96

Payment Structure:

  • $1000 Deposit Hold in February
  • $7,711 - 2.5% (consolidation - approximately 10 days)
  • Remaining $7,711 staggered monthly until last payment 45 days prior to possession. ($1,285 Monthly in March, April, May, June, July, August, September).