Jayman Modus

Enjoy the benefits and convenience that your monthly contributions provide.

Every Jayman Modus sales representative is PHBI (Professional Home Builders Institute) Certified in Condominium Fundamentals which means they are educated and knowledgeable to discuss items pertaining to the Condominium Plans, Bylaws, Property Manager, Board of Directors etc. If you are new to townhome living you may be wondering if this lifestyle is for you.

Along with ownership of a condo property come many benefits, including a low maintenance lifestyle that affords you the time to do the things that are important to you. As an owner your contribution will ensure your community and home is cared for both in the short and long term.

Short term - day to day maintenance and operations:

  • Snow removal
  • Garbage pick-up
  • Lawn shrub and tree care
  • Bylaws

Long term - replacement items:

    • Siding
    • Fencing
    • Roof


Reduced Home Insurance Rates: Condominium Association Members are only required to have a Condominium Unit Owners Insurance Package which is specifically designed for condominium owners and includes coverage for contents, liability, plus much more. The premium savings can be substantial compared to Homeowners Insurance, as the building insurance is covered by your condo contribution. However, insurance, like all financial requirements, vary greatly from person to person. Please talk to your own insurance broker for the policy that best meets your needs.

Sense of community

In townhome living, you get to know your neighbours better and bond over pride of ownership. You can also exercise your right to contribute to the Condo Association and ensure your voice is heard as a member of the Board.

Condo Property Manager

Jayman Modus has pre-selected a professional Property Manager. This manager will be responsible for all common property and maintenance, to ensure your community remains a great place to live for years to come.

Increased home re-sale value

With the improved maintenance standards of a condo association you can rest assured that your community and home will always remain presentable and taken care of. You will never have to worry about neighbours who neglect exterior maintenance and yard work.