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The Modus Matrix

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Modus Matrix, is a revolutionary augmented reality application that allows you to visually explore the Avira in Evansridge community in 3D virtual space anywhere you want on your tablet or phone - simply use a marker*. Visually explore fully furnished floor plans, interior specifications and full 360° views of the kitchens and living rooms, as if you were standing there yourself. Or take a drive to the Avira sales centre and with the help of our Area Sales Managers see full scale imaging of the community, complete with landscaping.

* a marker is a coded marketing piece


How to use Modus Matrix

  • Download the Modus Matrix app to either your phone or tablet.
  • Open up the Modus Matrix app.
  • If you have a *Modus Matrix ad, business card or coaster, simply scan your phone or tablet across the image and watch the entire community build itself right before your eyes.
  • OR download the Modus Matrix ad *marker below. Black and white or color.
  • Slowly spin the marker around to look at the Avira in Evansridge community in full detail.
  • Click on a select model building (Karma, Esprit or Serendipity) and experience the power of 3D virtual space by exploring the interior.

Geo location

  • When viewing community, click on the On Site View button and the GPS locator will direct you to Avira in Evansridge sales centre.
  • Accompanied by an Area Sales Manager walk along the site and view the community at full scale.


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To learn more about the featured community please visit Avira in Evansridge.

Modus Matrix Tutorial

Geolocation Tutorial