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Secure your new home today. Sell your current home later.  


Choice. Protection. Peace of mind.

Choice:  Secure home at today's price.
Protection:  Secure today's interest rate for tomorrow.
Peace of mind:  Sell your existing home 4 months prior to possession.

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With you in mind.... if you have a home to sell and possession of your new home is month's away then SecureSell is for you.

With you in mind... SecureSell helps you to avoid the inconvenience of having to move twice.

With you in mind... SecureSell is a plan that offers you the convenience of an adjustable possession date allowing you to avoid owning two homes at once and helping you to maximize the resale value of your current home.

With the SecureSell Program, you have the security of knowing that the possession date of your new home can be extended in the event your home does not sell as quickly as anticipated. And for the first 30 days of extension, Jayman homes will absorb your interest carrying costs.

Some advantages for SecureSell:

  • Over 900 successful SecureSell clients have moved into their new home.
  • Interim finance loan available for 15% down.
  • Purchase new home before old one is sold.
  • Lock in the purchase price of your new home.
  • Reduced mortgage interest rates available through Jayman Financial to the purchaser of your home.
  • Helps in coordinating the possession of new home because your house does not have to be sold prior to purchasing new one.
  • If your pre-owned home is not sold. You can have a free 30 day extension of possession of your new home and a further extension for about $3500 giving you an extra 60 days total to market your pre-owned home, if necessary.
  • If it's not sold. Jayman will market the new home for 90 days and sell it at market value, refunding the Deposits after all cost to Jayman are absorbed and deducted from your total deposits.
  • New home possession dates can be fluid with no guaranteed completion times, or until you received the official 35 day letter of possession confirmation. Your Jayman realtor will strive to provide you with the most current information available through communication between all the Jayman team players.

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