Jayman Modus

Service & Warranty

The name Modus stands for how we do things.

In the past 35 years we have learned that to improve the quality of our customer's lives it's important that we build around their lifestyles and not the other way around.

This is how we do things. We are there for you through the entire process and have the experience and connections that no other multi-family builder has. This insures the smoothest transition possible during our home buying experience.

Your Sales Representative's role

Your Sales Representative is really the key individual in coordinating everyone and keeping you informed and on track. From the moment you meet, this person will be focused on helping you select your home that is just right for you. His or her work continues until you are comfortably settled in your new home.

Home start conference

The home start conference is an exciting moment and a big turning point. This meeting marks the beginning of construction. Your sales representative will introduce you to the construction superintendent who will coordinate the building of your new home. Your superintendent is an expert and will describe the process that is ahead and answer any questions you have. As work begins, you will direct questions to your sales team who will get the answers you are looking for. This will enable your superintendent to focus completely on building your home.

Getting ready for possession

When moving into your new home there are some important obligations that are essential for you to take care of at least 2 weeks prior to moving in. From hooking up electricity, phone lines and arranging for content insurance etc, Jayman Modus will provide you with a list of your obligations to make your move-in seamless.

Time to move-in

Your Sales Team will coordinate an Orientation with your Superintendent about five to seven days before the confirmed possession date, to arrange for your orientation visit. During this visit, your Superintendent will walk through the home with you and explain its many features. They will provide important information about maintenance as well as operating features like gas and water shutoff valves, and care of your fireplace and hardwood, among other items.

Your Superintendent will also complete a pre-occupancy inspection form during this visit. This will ensure that all work has been completed. In the event there is any remaining work to be completed or any items to be corrected, you will identify it during this visit.

Moving van

Jayman Modus is pleased to provide a complimentary moving van on a first come, first served basis.

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24 hour emergency service

Jayman Modus provides around-the-clock answering services connected to an "on duty" Service Manager who will call you back to determine necessary actions.

Warranty & service

You’ll be glad to know that Jayman Modus offers a comprehensive service and warranty program. After you take possession of your new home we will be contacting you. We’re checking to make sure the entire Jayman team has done the job you expect and to make sure that if there are any disappointments, we can get to addressing them quickly.