Customer Service

We get it - every builder says they have the best customer service. That’s why we think you should hear it from real customers, from people like you. 

At Jayman BUILT we believe that exceptional customer service comes from listening to our customers, taking in both the good and the bad, and building off these comments. Our culture of continually collecting and acting on feedback from our customers is what makes us even better each year.

That’s why Jayman BUILT uses Avid Surveys to help us gather, verify, and act on the feedback we receive. Avid Surveys is a third party service, so you know you can trust that the reviews we share with you are 100% authentic and unedited. As one of our customers, you’ll hear from Avid three times at set points in your journey to home ownership. This gives us many opportunities to make sure that you’re confident and comfortable with your experience.

Every year, Avid evaluates the results of every company that uses them and awards those companies with top scores. We’re pleased to announce that in 2016 we were awarded with the Avid Gold Award for Customer Service, the highest customer rating award in Alberta for a new home move-in experience, as a direct result of the positive feedback we received from our customers.

To learn more about Avid Surveys, visit, or ask your sales team to share some of their reviews with you.