styleMagic™ makes it easy.

A day with your personal designer

Design the final details of your new home at the styleMagic™ Centre. In Calgary, we have 10,000 square feet of inspiration on display, and 3,000 square feet in Edmonton. There, your professional interior design consultant learns about you, your home and your budget. Together, in one day, at one location, you’ll create the home that feels exactly right. 

Imagine it. Then make it happen.

Our four comprehensive Fit & Finish™ packages are the foundation for great design. Each one is meticulously developed for different budgets by certified interior designers. And each one has stunning choices in everything from flooring to fixtures and countertops to lighting. And, of course, wall colours and finishes. With our expert guidance, you’ll transform your house into your personalized dream home.

It’s time to get inspired.

Reflecting on what’s important to you makes the process easier, and more fun. You can make notes about your preferences or even make your own inspiration board before the styleMagic™ process begins. 

Get creative in the kitchen with unique lighting options.

Create a cozy space with a feature fireplace.

Decorative wallpaper brings a room to life.

Brighten up any bathroom with white marble tile.

Brushed brass hardware pairs elegantly with dark marble countertops.

A neutral colour palette creates a calming space.

Ready to start? This is where the magic begins.

Step 1:

Book your Browser Hour.

When you buy your new Jayman home, we invite you to our Browser Hour Tour at styleMagic™. Come see us in person, and a designer will walk you through all the choices in each Fit & Finish™ package, and any other options available to you. After the tour, we encourage you to stay and explore further on your own. After that, take your time to think about what suits your taste, lifestyle and budget. 

Step 2:

Full day of final choices.

After you’ve completed your sales agreement and attended your Browser Hour Tour, you’re ready to begin designing. We’ll book your appointment for a full day of design fun. Building from the Fit & Finish™ package you selected, our certified designers help you create the atmosphere you’ll love with personalized design, colours and finishes.

What if I don’t love every detail?

That’s ok! If you choose one Fit & Finish™ package, but prefer a certain feature from a different package, we can make that adjustment. Your house is an investment, but most importantly, it should be comfortable and reflect the person that you are. 

Do I pay extra for everything?

No! We include a wide variety of products to choose from at each Fit & Finish™ package. The listed home price is based on the Select level. If you are happy with that, you’re all set! Or choose Extra, Plus or Ultra level and the price will be adjusted to reflect the new level. No matter what level you choose, you’ll still spend a day at styleMagic to customize all the design elements. Your home price only changes if you select or choose to add an option that is not included in your Fit & Finish™ package. We make it easy for you – our showhomes are designed to match our packages – what you see is what you get. No surprises.

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