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Core Performance features are standard in every home.

Good for you, good for the planet.

Core Performance is the set of sustainable and energy-efficient features included in all Jayman homes, designed to reduce your energy costs. These features include: 

  • save water
  • provide better heat
  • use less energy 
  • protect the exterior
  • provide fresh, clean air

Because you shouldn't have to pay more for a healthy, safe home that also helps the environment.

Efficiency equals savings.

A warm home for less money

We use a 96% high-efficiency two-stage furnaces in every home to keep you warm and keep money in your pocket – it uses 30% less energy than older furnaces. 

Enough hot water for everyone

You’ll have on-demand hot water and energy savings of $180 per year thanks to a Navien-brand tankless hot-water heater, standard with every home.

Green energy helps the environment too.

Solar powered

As of 2019, every new Jayman BUILT home includes a complete six-panel solar energy system, which saves up to 25% on electricity bills. That keeps 2.1 metric tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere per year. You can also choose to add six extra panels to your roof. 

Recharge from your own garage

Every home has an electric car-charging outlet built into the garage. The 220-volt outlet (with 30-amp breaker) is compatible with all electric vehicle models.

Triple Pane Windows

Thermal resistant R Value rated at 6, with low-e and argon fill. 100% more efficient than double pane windows. 

More Core Performance features.

Clean air every three hours

Bring in fresh air and spend less on heating with an active heat recovery ventilation system in every home. And it’s so quiet you won’t even know it’s there.

Exterior protection for your peace of mind

Only Jayman uses a foundation wrapped with an air-gap membrane to protect it and help repel water. Plus, fibreglass, triple-pane windows and spray foam insulation ensures your family stays warm.

Air Purification System

Merv 13 rated furnace filter for increased air quality, coupled with the UV-C ultraviolet air purification system installed in the furnace, eliminating 99% of surface mold, mildew and pathogens in the HVAC system, as well as helping to eliminate airborne pathogens. 

Core Performance saves you money every year.

Save up to $700 per year with $16,600 in value with our energy-efficient features included in your new home, at no extra cost. 

Energy Savings Comparison

  1. 1 Month

  2. 1 Year

  3. 10 Years

  4. 30 Years

The Path to Net Zero

Jayman BUILT's Core Performance

Included on every Jayman BUILT Home, saving you $700 in energy costs annually. 3.34 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases are saved each year and your new home is 20% ore energy efficient than Alberta building code requires.

Solar Energized Hybrid Performance - Option

Choose 14 solar panels, triple pane R-8 windows with argon fill, air source electric heat pump heating and cooling mechanical system (includes air conditioning), with natural gas back up. The end result? 4.04 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions saved, $1,150 annually energy cost savings and your home is 50% more energy efficient than required by Alberta's building code.

Net Zero Ready Peak Performance Option

This option includes Jayman's proprietary wall system, including net zero certified building envelope with up to R-37 wall values, triple pane R-8 windows with argon fill and 6 solar panels. Structurally, this home is ready for mechanical modifications and additional solar panels to achieve net zero certification at any time in the future.

Quantum Performance Ultra E-Home

Choose our Net Zero Certified home, with 30+ solar panels, proprietary wall system and air source electric heat pump mechanical system for heating and cooling. This home is 100% more energy efficient than Alberta building code requires, saving $2,136 in energy costs annually and 10.67 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. 

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