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The Hills at Charlesworth


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Front attached garage A single-family, standalone house, with the garage connected at the front.

Detached with optional rear garage A single-family, standalone house with a lane. The optional, detached garage is at the back.

Bungalow A single-family, one-storey house with front or rear attached garage.

Semi-detached Also known as a duplex, a semi-detached house is two single-family homes. They share one common wall but own their own lots.

Townhouse A multistorey home that shares walls with one or more units. Joint ownership of the lot.

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The Hills at Charlesworth in Edmonton

The Hills at Charlesworth Homes for Sale

Built around sustainability, you will find that all the properties for sale in Charlesworth embrace their natural surroundings. The houses for sale in Charlesworth have the option between front attached garages or optional detached rear garages (laned homes). All of the Charlesworth Edmonton homes for sale include bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with options to add more. We have multiple showhomes that allow you to envision what living in Charlesworth, Edmonton might be like. Visit a Hills at Charlesworth showhome to choose your future home.

Amenities Around Homes for Sale in Charlesworth

The community of Charlesworth in Edmonton has many unique amenities to offer. Houses for sale in Charlesworth have direct access to a 9-hole disc golf course and a solar-lit playground. In the winter months, Charlesworth Edmonton residents can skate on a 200 metre ice ribbon in the middle of the community. And along with a large community garden, homes for sale in Charlesworth can access the distinctive repurposed sea can containers that provide shelter from the weather as well as solar powered Wi-Fi access. So many amazing amenities to enjoy, all within the Community of Charleswood Edmonton.

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Front Drive Sales Centre

In The Hills at Charlesworth

Hours and contact

Armina Seetram (780) 757-7632

Mon-Thurs 2-8PM | Sat-Sun 12-5PM | Fri CLOSED

Laned Sales Centre

In The Hills at Charlesworth

Hours and contact

Jesse Richards (780) 761-1866

Mon-Thurs 2-8PM | Sat-Sun 12-5PM | Fri CLOSED

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